केंद्र सरकार की आरक्षण नीति का स्वागत


-Sadhuram Dulhani-

केंद्र सरकार की आरक्षण नीति

In Chhattisgarh, the Central Government has also welcomed reservation for the general category. Of course, it should be called a good news that in the end, our government has looked at economically weak Senate reservations. Demand for economic reservation has been in our country for a long time. Not only the demand but also there have been many struggles and agitations for it. Nevertheless, no action has been taken on this. Just before the Lok Sabha election, the decision of reservations for poor upper castes from the Central Cabinet is linked to the politics of the vote bank, there can be no two opinions on this.

केंद्र सरकार की आरक्षण नीति: वह सब जो आप जानना चाहते हैं

It is worth recalling that during the notification issued by the Central Government against the court’s decision in scheduled caste-tribe reservation case some time ago, there was a demand for economic reservation. But even then the Central Government did not care for it. In view of the recent results of the Lok Sabha elections and assembly elections in five states, the support of the upper caste class for the government has become an important vote bank. However, this decision of the government will have to go a long way in implementing as there is no provision for economic reservation according to our constitution. 49.5 percent reservation for caste based reservation has been completed in the constitution. In order to provide 10 percent reservation to the upper caste, this provision of the Constitution will be increased from 49.5 percent to 59.5 percent, for which a constitution amendment will be required. The government will have to get permission from all the parties in Parliament.

Even though most of the parties will support this provision, it will be a long process. Therefore, it must be seen whether the government has actually benefited poor people by implementing this decision before the Lok Sabha elections or just trying to take advantage of the election by showing the lollipop of the decision. To be told the truth, the objective of reservation is to support the weaker section and this weakness is due to the economic condition of the people, not on the basis of it. Keeping this goal in mind, our Constitution makers also provided reservation for backward classes. The present form of reservation in our country is not right. Every leader, Every political party fully agrees. But just because of the fear of losing your vote bank, you do not have the courage to go against it. This is the reason why the country’s highest court also opposed the Scheduled Caste Tribal Reservation. But the Central Government issued an instant notification to save its vote bank and overturned that order. Whatever the case, if poor people get this benefit of reservation then there will definitely be a huge justice with the policy of reservation. All sections of the Bastar division also praised this initiative of the central government.

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